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Our active campaigns change, but our core mission—championing systems and policies that ensure racial, social, and economic justice for all Buffalonians—never does.


We're always looking for volunteers! We currently have 5 committees: Finance, Communications, Fundraising, Onboarding, and Organizing. Fill out the form and let us know how you'd love to help!

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Our City Action Buffalo engages in two types of campaigns: 1) Issue-based campaigns, like our ongoing fight for fair council district maps, 2) Political campaigns, like our endorsements of people-focused candidates like India Walton. ​We're a member-driven organization, and always looking for support. Learn more about the active campaigns we're working on below, and get in touch if you have skills, resources, and time to share! 


The Fight for Fair Maps

This year, Buffalo had a once-in-a-decade chance to redraw its district maps. Rather than collaborating with constituents to draw maps that truly represent Buffalo, the Common Council doubled down on making the existing gerrymandered maps even worse. Throughout it all, OCAB has been fighting for fair maps, and a more equitable and transparent process. See where we're at in the fight, and what's next.

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Our City Action Buffalo is a hyperlocal organization, working to engage Buffalonians to change Buffalo. Membership is $10/month or $120 year, but no one will be denied membership based on income or an inability to pay.

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