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We need the City to invest in restorative practices, within our schools, communities, law enforcement and courts. We need an enhanced partnership between the city, parents, and education stakeholders to address the alarming rate and intensity of violence experienced by our youth.

Representation & Leadership

The City of Buffalo and Office for New Americans should ensure that city residents have equal access to participate in city government and residential life that is inclusive of every country of origin, language, or immigration status. This includes language access for public meetings and information. This also includes a fully functional Office of New Americans that represents all categories of immigrants in Buffalo, upholds equal access to resources and information, including licenses and permits, for immigrant residents, and funds immigrant-led organizations.

Police Non-Collaboration Agreement

The City of Buffalo Common Council and Mayor must, in writing, enact a police non-collaboration agreement that prevents conspiring between local law enforcement (BPD) and immigration enforcement, including ICE and Border Patrol. The City of Buffalo should also remove ICE and Border Patrol from the city’s license plate readers.

Equal Access to Benefits and Licenses

The City of Buffalo and Office for New Americans should take actions to ensure that city residents have equal access to benefits, permits and licenses that are necessary to daily life. The Office of New Americans will solicit feedback from city residents and stakeholder organizations, advocate with local officials, and share information with residents to ensure equal access in these areas:

A School Board for the People

Did you know that Buffalo's School Board holds sway over a one BILLION dollar budget? (Twice the size of the city of Buffalo!) And that they have influence over everything from transportation to student life? If we want progressive schools, we need to elect progressive School Board members. That's why OCAB endorsed Jen Mecozzi for School Board. And we won!

Jen_Mecozzi_School_Board_2022_Re-Election_Headshots_Solo_Photo_16[1] (1).jpg

Wait, isn't the city broke?

Yes and no. The COB budget in 2022-23 was about $568.2 million. Over the past few years, our movements have been successful in cutting spending and instead investing in our people. But this isn’t enough. The City needs to start taxing the highest earning Buffalonians and stop giving away our tax dollars to multimillionaire real estate developers. If the City stopped their tax giveaways to Buffalo’s 1%, we would have at least an additional $66.9 million dollars for the programs and policies all Buffalonians need.

Which organizations are behind the People's Platform?

[Chuck - ask Harper to provide info about OCB orgs]

What's going on with the Common Council races? Who is running? Where can I learn more?

[Chuck, ask Harper what info he wants her re CC races]

I'm all riled up! Is there a way I can volunteer somehow?

Of course! Check out our main page for more information, and sign up below!


OCAB also hosted a number of accessible, online Teach-Ins that invited residents to speak with experts, ask questions, and find community. 


For example, Dr. Russell Weaver, geographer and redistricting expert presented a thorough introduction, history, and breakdown of the redistricting process.

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